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  30. Payment must be obtained through the Payment Gateway before orders can be dispatched.

If payment requirements are not adhered to, it is a contract violation and renders all unfulfilled orders useless.

Cosmeticboxesusa.com may refuse, without affecting any other rights it may have, to provide or deliver additional items to the customer after a quotation or in any other way until the client has corrected any default under this provision.

Any overdue payment can be charged interest at the prevailing rate.


All prices are ex-warehouse; additional expenses include shipping, handling, insurance, and other expenditures.

As of the quotation date, all charges were correct. However, any time could see a shift in any of these.

All prices listed on Cosmeticboxesusa.com are subject to GST, which the buyer is responsible for paying unless the appropriate certification is given.


After we accept your order, any shipment or delivery times or dates specified are subject to our obtaining accurate and comprehensive instructions that permit us to finish the task without delay. Although delivery timeframes are estimated as precisely as is practical, they cannot be guaranteed and are not a contract requirement. As a result, Cosmeticboxesusa.com disclaims responsibility for any delays caused by factors beyond its control.

  • Customers are not entitled to compensation for losses, damages, or delays caused by factors without their control, and Cosmeticboxesusa.com disclaims all obligations for any such losses, damages, or delays.
  • Delivery of the goods to any authorized third-party carriers, agents, or client representatives marks the end of Cosmeticboxesusa.com responsibility for the products. While in transportation, all items are at the risk of the client.
  • Any visible damage to the goods must be reported to them within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt.

Returnable Goods

Credits may only be given in the following situations at the exclusive discretion of them:

  • The date and original invoice number must be stated.
  • Credit claims will only be considered if the returned products are in acceptable condition and are transported freight-paid.
  • Cosmeticboxesusa.com reserves the right to deduct money from any credit as a restocking fee unless all of the conditions mentioned above are met and the products are returned to our store within thirty (7 days) of the date of complete supply.

Goods Taxonomy

As long as the customer is required to use or resell any portion of the given goods at any time, the company will retain legal ownership of all things that have not yet been used or sold. The legal ownership of the finished product will still belong to the revenues, even if the utilized components lose their identity. Revenues must be kept in a separate account or revealed to the company upon request.

Consider a scenario where a customer possesses items for which the title still needs to be transferred. If so, they must provide cosmeticboxesusa.com and its servants or agents access to where they are being stored to collect the items and keep them in good and marketable condition until they are paid for or collected.

Cosmeticboxesusa.com offers a warranty stating that all goods created or produced for it are defect-free. Cosmeticboxesusa.com will make every effort to ensure that any warranties granted by the manufacturer or supplier of goods not designed or supplied by Cosmeticboxesusa.com are passed on to the customer.

Absolute Liability

Unless expressly accepted in writing by Cosmeticboxesusa.com goods, they will disregard any requirements, terms, or conditions in the customer’s order form that it does not accept or that conflict with any of the abovementioned clauses.

This expressly negates and excludes all implied and express terms, conditions, and representations on the part of Cosmeticboxesusa.com, except any conditions or warranties required by law and any conditions or warranties expressly stated herein.

  • Cosmeticboxesusa.com disclaims all liability to customers for any loss, damage, or death resulting from any act or omission (including negligence), including any loss or damage to person or property.
  • The expense of replacing the things, providing similar goods, having them repaired, paying the price to replace the items and buy equivalent goods, and paying the price to have them fixed. If services are offered, the only party liable for them is Cosmeticboxesusa.com, who has the option of resupplying the service and charging the customer for the cost of doing so.

Except as provided above, Cosmeticboxesusa.com duty concerning any claims made under this agreement shall be limited to the cost of the part or item of the products or services in question. Customized rigid boxes may release themselves from obligation to the customer by replacing that part or item and will no longer be liable for additional losses.

The customer understands that it does not rely on the skill and judgment of Cosmeticboxesusa.com, its servants, or agents in assessing whether the items to be delivered are suited for any specific purpose, subject to any laws or express agreements to the contrary. The customer further understands that any advice the business provides regarding the usage of products is provided with the understanding that the business is not liable for any advice provided or results.

The consumer is responsible for ensuring that the goods are not used in any way for which they were not designed.

Any loss or harm sustained by the client as a direct result of in breach of such a contract; or The actual expenses a customer has to bear as a direct result of in breach of the contract. Under no circumstances will cosmeticboxesusa.com be responsible for any exceptional or consequential loss or damage, whether direct or indirect (including loss of profit).

You can only file a claim or legal action against cosmeticboxesusa.com after giving the business written notice and all the supporting materials.


Upon delivery of the items listed on the invoice, the buyer accepts the terms of the sale as previously described.


Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, the laws of the State of Victoria shall govern in all material respects the interpretation of all contracts made under this agreement and any disputes arising out of or related to them. Any such disputes shall be brought before a court of competent jurisdiction in the said State. Except for those to which the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia apply, all contracts entered under this agreement are deemed to have been made in.