How Custom Hologram Stickers Add Value To Beauty Products

How you represent your products is the key point for product selling. So custom hologram stickers play an essential role in the representation of your products. The protection and carrying of products is the function of the packaging. It is a significant tool to leave a deep impression on the customers and establish your brand image.

Custom Printed stickers can make your product stand out among all competitors when consumers take it from stores and give it a closer look. Almost all consumers notice the stickers on the surface of the box. 

Attractive and colorful stickers add value to the beauty products that grab customers’ attention. That’s why stickers are important for beauty products selling. This blog discussed how stickers add value to cosmetics and increase sales. Custom label stickers used in beauty products are:

  • Serums, Toners, Face Creams, Foundation
  • Blush, Eyeshadows, Eyeliners
  • Lip Balms, Lipsticks
  • Lotions, Soaps, Essential Oils

Custom 3d hologram stickers

Custom 3d hologram stickers are created by using different techniques which can present highly shining colors and enhance the value of the cosmetics products. They can make your product a big difference in the market. 

Stickers are used mainly to provide promotion and security purposes. Some advantages of custom hologram stickers are:

  • Boost sales and promote your brand.
  • Beautiful colors add value to the product
  • Very difficult to duplicate other products

Size And Shape Of Custom Stickers

High-quality stickers can elevate the appearance and value of your beauty care products. When you are choosing stickers in different sizes and shapes you should keep in mind these things:

  • How do you want to convey information through stickers?
  • Different shapes and sizes of stickers according to the products 
  • Are the stickers, or the beauty products more visually important to you?

You can select always the accurate size and shape of custom stickers according to the product size. Small custom stickers are used for small beauty products depending on the requirements of the product. If you choose a large sticker for small products it’s a weird look.  

Suitable Material Of Stickers

The second thing that needs to consider is which material select is best to give value to beauty products. Materials should be chosen according to the environment and product requirements like oily products, potentially leaked products and restroom products.

Weatherproof labels are an excellent choice for most cosmetic products because they offer great resistance against moisture and handling. Suitable material will protect stickers from tearing and ink bleeding.

You can use sturdy, highly durable, and tamper-proof materials. They allow you to achieve your desired look without sacrificing durability. High-quality products grab the attention of customers. 

Catchy Designs

You can create attractive designs for your stickers. If you choose the stickers, then you can change the sticker templates, adjust the text, and add shapes or images according to the products. Catchy designs may help to increase the value of personal care products. Some tips of created designs are:

  • Incorporate your brand’s colors to maintain consistency
  • Incorporate different fonts
  • Use imagery and graphics that support your brand and sales message

Keep important aspects of your sticker design 0.125 inches away from the label outline on the inside, and add 0.125 inches of design past the outline on the outside. Some important points you must include on your stickers are net weight, contact information, using instructions, ingredients, and product warnings. Attractive designs give a closer look to the customers. 

Apply the stickers

Before applying the stickers, always make sure dry and clean the surface so no more dust, dirt, or oil, are getting trapped under the label. For bottles and jars-type products, it’s tempting to start from the sides if you apply the straight way which makes it difficult. You can achieve the best results by starting from the middle and working your way out to the sides. If you understand the stickers depend on the type of the different products, it may be easier to use them.

Affordable And Brand Recognition

One of the advantages of stickers is low cost. Using the cheap custom hologram stickers with the company logo or values of the company is a good way to improve brand recognition. Using colorful stickers in the proper place not only increases the value of the product but also attract the customer to purchase the product.


In this blog, if you follow all steps then custom stickers add value to the beauty products. They create products that look clean and professional. Well-designed stickers promote business publicity and win the customer’s hearts and minds. Attractive stickers speak to the value of your products to your clients.